Point of Sales (POS) production

What we produce

Traditional POS Materials such as wobblers, popups, standees, decals, hanging signs, pallet wraps, boxes, displays, posters, brochures, rollups, banners, and more. Permanent displays and modules in reboard, wood, metal and plastic.

Coolers and freezers – Eco-smart and maintenance-friendly, LED lighting, CE marking.

A partner more than a supplier

Everything in FMCG moves quickly and we understand the importance of having a reliable partner. At TIBAR International, we take responsibility for the entire process when it comes to producing and delivering your POS material. We are with you all the way!

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Some of our cases

Whatever you are looking for, we got it!

Here you can find a selection of productions that we have done over the years. If there is anything in particular that you are looking for but can't find? Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@tibar.se

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